June 2017. James Luckett & Leah Stahl



Drop by this Friday June 2nd, 2017 at Dutoit Gallery – it’s a two for one! Leah Stahl presents photographic evidence of found bits and things that’ve settled down in the lowest parts of cars and homes, the flotsam and jetsom of a life lived with kids. James Luckett, over the past year and half, has been photographing the changing vestiges of a city block size parking lot behind his place of work – a cafe and bookstore in Xenia. Luckett and Stahl point their cameras at those places and things that go unconsidered. Come out and see the concrete world we disregard as we go from here to there and the detritus lurking under the couch cushion. Come out and marvel at all things, large and small, that you never knew could matter so very much.

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