AUGUST 2017. “Same Same but Different” Two-Person Exhibition of Ann B. Kim and Rebecca Sargent

“Same Same but Different”

Two-Person Exhibition of Ann B. Kim and Rebecca Sargent

Dates: August 4th-August 27

Rebecca Sargent:

Magnesium & Marmalade

Magnesium & Marmalade, Oil on canvas, 2017

Rebecca Sargent is an artist living in Dayton, Ohio.  Her work is influenced by her surroundings, dreams and anxieties.  Partially based in reality and fully based in the world of illusion, Rebecca’s work often juxtaposes different times and spaces.  Needing to find order in chaos, she frequently employs structures within her work that simultaneously collide contrasting spaces.  Rebecca’s process involves collecting magazines, photos, and objects made into collages and 3D dioramas from which she paints. More of her work can be found by vising:

Ann B. Kim:


Title: “From one Edge to Another, Weaving through Time and Space”

Medium: Mixed Media

Size:11″ x 39″ 

Ann B. Kim is an artist, art educator, and an explorer who often blends her passion for exploring the world with her art. In her most recent series of work, she circumnavigated the globe during which time she completed the Trans-Siberian Railway from the Far East of Russia on the Asian side of the Pacific coast to Moscow, slowly traveling through seven time zones, and eventually ending in the westernmost spot in continental Europe in Portugal. The trip was a personal and spiritual pilgrimage of visiting Vladivostok, a city that is the closest one she can visit to where her grandfather was born and raised in North Korea, and circling around the globe back to Dayton, OH which is where she lives now. She is interested in time, how we experience time in a non-linear way, the fact that time is essentially space and movement, Jungian collective consciousness, and cultural migrations. In this series, she is also breaking the notion of paintings being a rectangular flat surface, combining sculptural and installation elements to investigate how we “read” images and the connotations that has about the way we think about time. Much of her work will also consist of photographs and video taken and edited while frolicking through Siberia. 

More work and info can be found at

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