Ann B Kim Solo Exhibition: “Time Cycles, but Never Back to Now”



Interested in the concept of time, space, place, and how we experience them not as a linear progression nor a GPS coordinate, but through our senses, mixed-media artist Ann B. Kim spent her sabbatical living in two antipodal places for three months in 2017, namely Southern Spain and Northern New Zealand, in order to immerse herself in the experience of living in and then moving to two places that are literally the farthest place on earth from each other. This deeply personal solo exhibition, titled “Time Cycles, but Never Back to Now,” consists of videos, installation, mixed media paintings, and photography that reflect and document her musings on the irreversibility of time and its cycle as she searches for a sense of redemption, acceptance, letting go, and carpe diem while feeding her lifelong need to pose and pretend to be an amateur explorer and anthropologist.

Opening Reception: July 6, 6-9pm 
Third SundayJuly 22, 11am-4pm 
Or by appointment: contact 

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