April 2020 Rebecca Sargent

March 2020 Clara Coleman

February 2020 Glen Cebulash

January 2020 Michele BonDurant and Jean Koeller

December 2019 Members Show

November 2019 Mychaelyn Michalec

October 2019 Julie Anderson

September 2019 Leah Stahl

August 2019 Pat Robinow

July 2019 John Dickinson

June 2019 David Leach

May 2019 Nick Arnold

April 2019 Tracy Longley-Cook

March 2019 Stefan Chinov

February 2019 Sam Kelly

January 2019 Glenna Jennings


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December 2018 Members Show


______ Current Exhibition______________________________________________________

November 2018 it’s likely in front of you Ashley Jonas


October 2018 Annie Lee Zimerle

September 2018 Edward Charney Recent Observations

August 2018 Improbable History and Banal Abstractions – Frank Travers

July 2018 Ann Kim: Time Cycles, but Never Back to Now

June 2018 Dayton/Dresden: Fiely/Mauk

May 2018: Edmund Merricle, “Recent Paintings”

April 2018: Glenna Jennings, “At Table”

March 2018: Francis Schanberger & Bridgette Bogle, “Nothing Can Go Wrong”

February 2018: Stefan Chinov, WSU Sculpture Students

January 2018: David Leach, “Working Studio, Flora”

December 2017:  Members Exhibition

November  2017: Julie Anderson, “Transcending The Tabletop”

October 2017: John Dickinson

September 2017: Tracy Longley-Cook,”Landmark: alternative views of the landscape”

August 2017: Ann B. Kim & Rebecca Sargent

July 2017: Gretchen Durst Jacobs, “Line Link Space”

June 2017: Leah Stahl & James Luckett, 

May 2017 : Ashley Jude Jones and Nick Arnold, “Two Shows, One Night”

April 2017: Voices, Stivers School for the Arts

March 2017: Glen Cebulash, Midwest Paint Group and Invited Guests

February 2017: Hansoo Ha

January 2017: Mychaelyn Michalec, “I’ve never stopped wondering what my life would have been like”

December 2016 : Members Show

November 2016: Patrick Mauk, “Changing Landscapes: New Work by Patrick Mauk”

October 2016: Michele BonDurant, “Viewed and Constructed”

September 2016 : Ann B. Kim and Rebecca Sargent,”Fractured Spaces” 

August 2016: Kelsey Projects “Votes for Women” pop-up

July 2016: Harry Vignocchi

June 2016: Erin Holscher Almazan, “Reciprocity”

May 2016: Jean Koeller, “Inside And Out”

April 2016: Members Inaugural Exhibition