April 2020 Micah Zavacky

March 2020 Clara Coleman

February 2020 Fred Draper

January 2020 Michele BonDurant and Jean Koeller

December 2019 Members Show

November 2019 Be. Long. I Like Your Work Podcast juried Exhibiton

October 2019 From the Bellies of Birds, Seth Wade

September 2019 20/20 Through the Lens

August 2019 Brenda Richardson – STICKS & STONEware

July 2019 Eli Gfell Scantlings

June 2019 David Leach: Remembrances

May 2019 Nick Arnold: Celestial Seasonings: (we’re all astronauts sometimes)

April 2019 Tracy Longley-Cook – Alter Egos: Perceptions of Identity, photographs by Francis Smith and Selected Works: Images from Seven Photographers

March 2019 Work by Stefan Chinov

February 2019 Sam Kelly – Solo Exhibition

January 2019 Elena Dahl – The light you shed

December 2018  Members Exhibition

November 2018 Ashely Jonas: It’s likely in front of you

October 2018 Annie Lee Zimerle: At Home

September 2018 Edward Charney Recent Observations

August 2018 Improbable History and Banal Abstractions – Frank Travers

July 2018 Ann Kim: Time Cycles, but Never Back to Now

June 2018 Dayton/Dresden: Fiely/Mauk

May 2018: Edmund Merricle, “Recent Paintings”

April 2018: Glenna Jennings, “At Table”

March 2018: Francis Schanberger & Bridgette Bogle, “Nothing Can Go Wrong”

February 2018: Stefan Chinov, WSU Sculpture Students

January 2018: David Leach, “Working Studio, Flora”

December 2017:  Members Exhibition

November  2017: Julie Anderson, “Transcending The Tabletop”

October 2017: John Dickinson

September 2017: Tracy Longley-Cook,”Landmark: alternative views of the landscape”

August 2017: Ann B. Kim & Rebecca Sargent

July 2017: Gretchen Durst Jacobs, “Line Link Space”

June 2017: Leah Stahl & James Luckett,

May 2017 : Ashley Jude Jones and Nick Arnold, “Two Shows, One Night”

April 2017: Voices, Stivers School for the Arts

March 2017: Glen Cebulash, Midwest Paint Group and Invited Guests

February 2017: Hansoo Ha

January 2017: Mychaelyn Michalec, “I’ve never stopped wondering what my life would have been like”

December 2016 : Members Show

November 2016: Patrick Mauk, “Changing Landscapes: New Work by Patrick Mauk”

October 2016: Michele BonDurant, “Viewed and Constructed”

September 2016 : Ann B. Kim and Rebecca Sargent,”Fractured Spaces”

August 2016: Kelsey Projects “Votes for Women” pop-up

July 2016: Harry Vignocchi

June 2016: Erin Holscher Almazan, “Reciprocity”

May 2016: Jean Koeller, “Inside And Out”

April 2016: Members Inaugural Exhibition

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