David Leach, Working Studio, Flora

December 2017.Annual Members Show

November 2017. Transcending the Tabletop. Curated by Julie Anderson and Nathan Foxton

October 2017. Along Letters. John Dickinson

September 2017. LANDMARK Ryan Adrick, Tracy Longley-Cook, Rachel G. Reisert, Janelle Young

AUGUST 2017. “Same Same but Different” Two-Person Exhibition of Ann B. Kim and Rebecca Sargent

July 2017. Line Link Space -New Works by Gretchen Durst Jacobs

June 2017. James Luckett & Leah Stahl

May 2017.Nicholaus Arnold & Ashley Jude Jonas

March 2017. Midwest Paint Group and Invited Guests: Self Portraits

February 2017. Han-Soo Ha

January 2017. I’ve never stopped wondering what my life would have been like- Mychaelyn Michalec