On February 11th, 2016 a group of independent artists joined together to form Dutoit Gallery.  The gallery features artists whose work spans various media, methodology, concept and subject.  Currently the exhibition calendar is scheduled out until April 2018.  Please join us each First Friday from 6-9pm and Third Sunday at Front Street from 11am-4pm to participate in relevant contemporary art.  Exhibitions at the Dutoit Gallery have received press in the Dayton Daily News,  Dayton City Paper and Dayton Business Journal.

The Dutoit Gallery is a co-operative gallery run by its artist members.  Our mission is to provide artists the opportunity and space to exhibit their work while inviting the public to participate in dynamic noteworthy exhibitions.  Each members has a solo exhibitions every 2 years and participates in occasional group shows.   All sales go directly to the artist as there is no commissions on sales. For more information or questions please contact Nicholaus Arnold at 937-829-8016.


Members are responsible for gallery sitting, marketing, publicity and hosting their own art openings. Membership is available when member slots are open.  If you are interested in being a member in the future please email: dutoitgallery@gmail.com


Julie Anderson, Nicholaus Arnold, Bridgette Bogle, Michele BonDurant, Glen Cebulash, Stefan Chinov, John Dickinson, Gretchen Durst Jacobs, Hansoo Ha, Glenna Jennings, Ashely Jude Jonas, Ann B. Kim, Jean Koeller, Suki Kwon, James Luckett, David Leach,  Tracy Longley-Cook, Patrick Mauk, Mychaelyn Michalec,  Rebecca Sargent, Francis Schanberger, Leah Stahl and Emily Trick.


Pam Dillion, “Longterm gallery idea fast forwards to N-O-W”, Dayton Daily News, April 9, 2016.